Beef Brisket

"The slaw added a great crunch to the smoky brisket. If you’re fortunate to snare a fatty piece of brisket, savour the last bite of pure fat as it just melts away and sends you to flavourtown." - @iFat Food Chronicles

Price: $ 10.00
Place: Vic's Meats (at Sydney fish market)

2 Reviews

  1. “Brisket is amazing! Especially from here. Everything was incredibly soft and flavoursome, from the mouth watering meat to the airey bun.” – @2 Hungry Guys

  2. “I went for the beef brisket, slices of salty, peppery smoked tender beef in a soft roll topped with fresh slaw and a deep tomato sticky Texan-style sauce. It was good, very good. ” – @The Hungry Bon Vivant

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