Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese Cheesecake

Hailing from Japan, Uncle Tetsu's has become quite the phenomenon in Sydney, so much so it's not uncommon to see people lining up on George St for this delicious treat. The texture is soft like a pillow and it is super light. Don't be surprised if you gobble up the whole cheesecake in a single sitting but there's definitely enough to share so don't be greedy ?. Thanks to Ryan La, one of Sydney's most well-known foodies, for letting us use this photo.

Price: $ 17.99
Place: Uncle Tetsu

4 Reviews

  1. “I could wax lyrical about this #japanesecheesecake #cottoncheesecake #cheesecake all day.” – @jess.vx.v

  2. “Japanese-born but internationally famous” – broadsheet.com.au

  3. “Have you heard about the wobbliest, lightest most delicious cheesecake around? Well we have, and they’re by a fella called Uncle Tetsu. He set up shop in his homeland of Fukuoka, Japan some 26 years ago, and since then his cakes have built up cult status around the world.” – @timeout.com

  4. “Diggy into the cheesecake it is just so ridiculously soft and creamy. The texture is like a super light chiffon cake.” – thefoodbook.blogspot.com

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