Pork and Chive Dumplings

Taste of Shanghai is revered for it’s dumplings. With an eye popping selection to choose from, our pick is their Pork and Chive dumplings. Steamed to perfection and with a generous serving to share, the succulent flavour of this delightful dumpling will tempt you to order some more!

Price: $ 11.80
Place: Taste of Shanghai
Website: www.tosau.com.au

3 Reviews

  1. “Then we had the pork and chive dumplings – how tasty and soft were these!………..”– sirandmladydineout

  2. “While the poached (or boiled I guess) dumplings weren’t as flavoursome as the others (used lots of soy and chilli oil sauces for this) but the pork and chive filling was soft and juicy………..”– therandomfoodie

  3. ” I was already on the verge of toppling over due to the amount of pork buns I had consumed but I couldn’t deny the power of these chive filled balls of joy…………”– ifatfoodchronicles.com.au

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