Hot Dog & Curly Fries

Where do you find good hot dogs in Sydney? Right here with Stitch Bar's Hot Dog and Curly Fries! Their hot dogs are made with a unique combination of gourmet sausages, fillings and sauces that are packed full of flavour. An amazing atmosphere and a great selection of drinks are an added plus.

Price: $ 20.00
Place: Stitch Bar
Location: Sydney, 61 York St

3 Reviews

  1. “Hot dogs and burgers have turned class traitor and firmly encamped themselves with the dining aristocracy at Stitch on York Street. ……”–

  2. ” The portion size was generous and it came with a nice pile of greens, of which he ate none. . ……”–

  3. ” The whole meal was great and perfect for lazy lunch.. . ……”– Didge432 on Tripadvisor

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