Spicy Ramen

Ryo's is one of Sydney's original and favourite Japanese dining establishments that specialises in ramen noodles. There’s always a queue out the door and the Spicy Ramen is amongst their best sellers. The noodles are served in a flavoursome pork or chicken broth with roast pork, braised eggs and a good dose of chilli!

Price: $ 13.50
Place: Ryo's

3 Reviews

  1. “I tend to love richer foods and this spicy ramen in the vivid scarlet coloured soup is fantastic…..” – notquitenigella.com

  2. “I have heard about the reputation of Ryo’s Noodles in Crows Nest for quite a while.” – allaboutfoodblog.com

  3. “Ryo’s Noodles in Crows Nest arguably serves up some of the best noodles in Sydney.”– penne4yourthoughts.wordpress.com

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