Ricotta & Fig Gelato

"One spoonful and I was hooked. The ricotta actually lightened the mix. accentuating the sweet caramelised fig throughout." - @2 Hungry Guys

Price: $ 4.90
Place: RivaReno Gelato

2 Reviews

  1. “Then there’s the sheep’s milk ricotta with caramelised figs – it’s sweet but never cloying and, even better, you can have it served Palermo-style in a brioche bun from Fratelli Paradiso.” – @Gourmet Traveller

  2. “Three-thirty-itis hits, and a throng of people – suited; dressed in hi-vis; tourists sporting the essential camera – stare with childlike fascination, unable to decide on a flavour. Will it be the ricotta and fiche (fig), seedy and clean with notes of sheep’s milk at the end?” – @Broadsheet

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