Veggie Patch Burger

There's something special when you love beef and chicken burgers but are willing to give them up for a Veggie Patch Burger. The burger is that damn good. Our Vege mate swore by it, we tried it out and were pretty impressed. Made with a fat field mushroom, Spanish onion, haloumi cheese, baby cos, tomato, crispy onion rings (oh yeah!) and home-made aioli this is our go to at Ribs and Burgers.

Price: $ 16.00
Place: Ribs and Burgers

4 Reviews

  1. This looks yum!

  2. “The Home Grown Veggie burger by Ribs & Burgers, who have locations across Sydney (hallelujah!) is tasty as can be…” –

  3. “The Veggie Patch is a vegetarian burger option that has become one of the most popular items sold in store at Rhodes amongst both customers and the staff, and we can see why.” –

  4. “To my surprise this (the Veggie Patch) was pretty fantastic…” –

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