Ricotta Cheesecake Slice

"When we try the famous ricotta cake we see why it's so famous. It's called a cheesecake but it's unlike most cheesecakes that you may have tried. " - @Not Quite Nigella

Price: $ 4.50
Place: Pasticceria Papa
Website: ppapa.com.au

2 Reviews

  1. “No list of cheesecakes in Sydney would be complete without the famed ricotta cheesecake from Papa’s. For a variation on the original, try the blueberry, passionfruit, and strawberry versions. And save us a slice while you’re at it!” – @The Urban List

  2. “A slice of the celebrated ricotta cake ($4.50) arrives, a generous dousing of icing sugar and cinnamon hiding its delicate sponge shell. Inside, the ricotta filling is sweet and slightly gooey but light. ” – @Sydney Morning Herald

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