Vietnamese roll

Succulent, tender pork belly with perfect crackling. Served with cabbage, carrots, cucumber & delicious mayonnaise. This is a Sydney city classic and the signature roll from Mr Crackles.

Price: $ 13.50
Place: Mr Crackles

3 Reviews

  1. “Its basically a vietnamese-ish bread roll but with what is the most amazing portions of pork and crackling…………”–

  2. “The combination with salad and mayo makes for an enjoyable meal although I wish the carrot was also pickled like you get in a traditional banh mi with some pickled daikon in the mix too. …………”– simonfoodfavourites

  3. “At first bite, your pupils will dilate…your heart will start thumping, and you will hear a moan coming either out your own blissful satisfaction – or from the person next to you who has just sunk their teeth into the rich and oh-so decadent roll. …………”–

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