Mary’s Burger and Fries!

"All the elements of the burger were quite soft, including the bread and beef patty. The beef tasted like it was of a good quality, and was full of flavour, accentuated well by the Mary's special sauce." - @Sydney Food Lovers

Price: $ 15.00
Place: Mary's

2 Reviews

  1. “Mary’s Burger has a thin meat pattie, cheese, lettuce, tomato and a special sauce. The bun is soft with a glossy sheen and collapses immediately as you unwrap it. For another $4, trashcan bacon is added which gives it a smoky flavour.” – @Gourmantic

  2. “The Mary’s Burger is pretty much a cheese burger with the extra greens of lettuce and tomato. We pimp it up with extra trashcan bacon, two short strips of bacon are extra crispy on edges and not over smoked inside an unused trashcan of course.” – @A Table for Two

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