ABC Purple Dessert

"Make sure you have room for dessert, because their interesting take on a traditional ice kachang, the ABC ($14), is an instant favourite: shaved blue pea flower ice and bubur cha cha flowing down from a snowball of taro ice cream that is full of flavour." - @The Au Review

Price: $ 14.00
Place: Lazy Suzie

2 Reviews

  1. ” It’s a study in shades of purple, a bed of finely shaved ice scattered with cubes of taro, grass jelly, palm seeds, coco gel and sago pearls. Blue pea flower syrup turns the shaved ice into varying shades of lavender and purple. It’s a light and elegant dessert that wins over everybody. The taro ice cream is silky smooth.” – @Grab Your Fork

  2. “The ABC ($14) is refreshing with the textures of the shaved blue pea flower ice combining with the bubur cha cha and the taro ice cream to make a dessert that is flavoursome, generous and eye-catching.” – @Gourmantic

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