Udon Noodles

"Kujin also make their udon noodles in-house, and depending on the season you can choose whether you'd like them served hot or cold." - @Brian Tam Food

Price: $ 9.00
Place: Kujin
Website: www.kujin.com.au

2 Reviews

  1. “The udon noodles are beautifully homemade at Kujin, all the foodies I’ve invited to try it have all said they love it! I was really glad I chose udon for lunch!” – @Washoku Lovers

  2. “The “modern yaki” has zig zags of mayonnaise on top and dancing bonito flakes. The addition of noodles into the batter makes it a comforting, filling dish, but it’s delicious on a cold night and we have no trouble finishing it off.” – @Penguin Says Feed Me

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