Tonkotsu Ramen

If you're looking for thick gravy-ish ramen, this is the one. Cooked in the Tonkatsu style where the pork bones are slowly cooked to dissolve, it makes for a rich experience of juicy porky goodness. Thicker than a standard Tonkatsu - this is the way of Gumshara. Itadakimasu!

Price: $ 13.00
Place: Gumshara Ramen

3 Reviews

  1. “After extensively trying ramen all throughout Sydney, the number one spot on my favourite ramen list hasn’t changed in years.”–

  2. “Some say this is probably the Best Ramen in the Southern Hemisphere…”–

  3. “For the price I am paying and compared to the other choices in Sydney, Gumshara is definitely worth every penny and in fact, too good to be true! ………..”–

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