Baked Pear and Apple cake (a slice)

If you’ve been looking for a mouth-watering heartwarming cake, look no further! Flour Drum Newtown are a Newtown local well-loved for their many flavour rich cakes and our personal favourite is their signature Baked Pear and Apple cake. Flour Drum Newtown have delivered a sinful masterpiece with this cake - it's wholesome, satisfying & will leave you licking your lips craving more!

Price: $ 7.50
Place: Flour Drum Newtown

2 Reviews

  1. “Beautifully presented with the right amount of sweetness, this cake was tasty and delicious, assisted by the glaze on top of the cake which enhanced the apple? and pear? flavours.” – @wonggreg

  2. “My favourite dessert at Flour Drum Newtown is the Baked Apple and Pear Cake…The best part is the glaze made by the juice of the apple and pear which really boosted the fruity flavour.” – @arvinisstarvin

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