Charcoal Lamb Kebab

A succulent charcoal lamb kebab served with iskender sauce, yayik yogurt and charred chilli. The smoky flavour of the tender spiced lamb meat cooked over an open charcoal grill makes this kebab a veritable Turkish delight! Just one bite and you’ll be hooked.

Price: $ 29.00
Place: Efendy

3 Reviews

  1. “Lamb strips char-broiled on an open charcoal BBQ (yes, it was there on the night), bathed in a creamy yoghurt which brings out the nuances of the lamb in every bite. …….–

  2. “The traditional lamb kebab got our tongues wagging and our taste buds were sent into a flurry with the smoked eggplant……..–

  3. “Their kebab dish, Iskender Kebab, tastes way out of the ordinary. Even the people of Bursa, the Iskender kebab’s birthplace, don’t make Iskender Kebab as tasty and soul-satisfying and as magical, as Efendy’s………–

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