Xiao Long Bao (8 pcs) Dumplings

A world-class Chinese dumpling establishment, Din Tai Fung offers some of the best Xia Long Bao in Sydney. For the uninitiated, Xia Long Bao are succulent pork dumplings with soup inside. They are juicy, flavoursome and served piping hot! Be sure to nibble the top and release the heat trapped inside, before popping them in your mouth.

Price: $ 12.80
Place: Din Tai Fung

3 Reviews

  1. “Nothing can go wrong with dumplings!………”– teamfelix123

  2. “The skin of the plump dumplings was extremely thin and almost translucent, showing that the skills of the dumpling chefs were of a high standard. ……..”– thefoodstroll.wordpress.com

  3. ” For a quick pit stop in the city while shopping, you can’t go past the Xiao Long Bao, silky and smooth, with a good soup to meat ratio…….”– gourmantic.com

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