Grilled Beef Burger

Your tastebuds get more bang for your buck when you tuck into Chur Burger’s grilled beef burger. The burger is jam packed with mouth-watering flavours including cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, and pickle. We think it’s one of Sydney's best gourmet burgers under $15!

Price: $ 12.00
Place: Chur Burger

3 Reviews

  1. “The Best Double Beef Burger I’ve ever had!!!!!………”– Peter L on

  2. “Nothing spells burger like this delicious mess. Smothered in melted cheese, the beef patty is juicy and tender, getting even better with the crunch of the pickles. …..”–

  3. “Served casually on light, tin-like plates atop a sheet of playful spotty paper, the burgers at Chur Burger are well worth the short wait and cheap price. …..”–

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