Charcoal Chicken

"Japanese charcoal chicken, read: spatchcock. The bird was cooked really well, with a delicious black charry crust (the best bit). Finger lickin' good." - @The City Gourmand

Price: $ 28.00
Place: Cho Cho San

2 Reviews

  1. “The menu at first glance reads a bit like an unusual east meets west fusion – Teriyaki t-bone, Japanese charcoal chicken … but go with it … because it was without doubt one of the most delicious and interesting meals we’ve had in recent times. ” – @Two Quirky Birds

  2. “Move on to larger meat and fish dishes like the charcoal chicken with yuzu koshu, or teriyakifish collars, and finish off with green tea soft serve in a cone or a cup.” – @Urban Walkabout

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