‘Piggy Face’ sesame buns (2 pieces)

These innocent-looking treats are delightfully delicious. Take a nibble into these fluffy piggy face buns and you will find a gooey mouth-watering black sesame centre. A fun little dessert to finish off your meal on a sweet note!

Price: $ 9.80
Place: Chefs Gallery

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  1. Edgy Chinese cuisine from all over Chinese speaking Asia – all with a twist. A feature are the excellent hand made noodles made to your order – you can watch them being made through the glass-wall kitchen …it’s mesmerising …but quick and fresh with a range of flavour accompaniments. Loved the green noodles and seafood. Surrounded by impressive contemporary Chinese art- some are pretty thought provoking. Each Chefs Gallery restaurant has different art . And its for sale.

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