Coconut Tea Cake

"I tried a half of the milk chocolate coconut teacake and it was nothing short of delicious! Next time we are at Brasserie Bread I will definitely grab a cheeky 6-pack of these cupcakes. " - @Dining With A Stud

Price: $ 4.00
Place: Brasserie Bread

2 Reviews

  1. “In the back, there’s a dedicated, low-temperature pastry room where adorable little iced coconut tea cakes in various pastel colours are packed, along with fruit and frangipane tarts and other sweet goodies.” – @Food Booze Shoes

  2. “There are 4 flavours of coconut teacakes and we buy one of the lemon ones. It has a layer of sweet icing on top and inside the moist light cake is a lemon filling which is wonderful citrussy surprise.” – @Penguin Says Feed Me

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