Beef Brisket, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie

As you can tell this is not some 'humble' pie. It's a quality gourmet pie courtesy of Bourke Street Bakery. Tender chunks of beef brisket in a thick flavoursome gravy of red wine & mushrooms, held together by flaky pastry that melts in your mouth. It is cooked to perfection by artisan bakers with all the hallmarks of a great pie!

Price: $ 5.50
Place: Bourke St Bakery

3 Reviews

  1. “Bourke Street Bakery’s sublime coupling of beef brisket, red wine and mushrooms lovingly encased in flaky pastry…”–

  2. “excellent pastry, brisket was superb.” “–

  3. “Just as we thought that nothing can top the sausage roll, here come the hero of the savory dish, the Beef Brisket Pie. ………”–

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