Lamb Shank and Red Wine Pie

The meat is tender and soft. The pastry is light and crispy. The herbs and spices are fresh and peppery. A fantastic award-winning combination that is full of flavour. This is what makes Black Star’s Lamb Shank and Red Wine Pie Foodie Anthem worthy!

Price: $ 8.00
Place: Black Star Pastry

3 Reviews

  1. ” it’s absolutely divine especially the lamb shank red wine pie as it resembles a slow cooked roast……….”–

  2. ” If it’s not sweet o’clock yet, have a Lamb shank and red wine pie. This handsome little beast is one of my personal favourite………..”–

  3. ” Love a good pie. Jess and I shared a lamb shank and red wine pie as well as a beef brisket pie…………”–

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