Ice Cream Sandwich

"The best dessert choice here is the new and improved Ice Cream Sandwich ($8) with a more-is-more approach, giving you a few scoops of intense vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between two waffles coated in chocolate. " - @The Au Review

Price: $ 8.00
Place: Barista and Cook

2 Reviews

  1. “The good news, though, is you can get that coffee ice-cream sandwich on brioche any time. I think both baristas and cooks would approve of that round-the-clock access.” – @The Unbearabe Lightness of Being Hungry

  2. “The brioche bun was buttery with a caramelised crust, smeared with melted honey and finished with a good smattering of sesame. It sandwiched a coffee ice-cream that was smooth and thankfully not too rich, with a deep earthy flavour. ” – @The Girl Who Ate The World

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