Polenta porridge with burnt maple

"The polenta is cooked into a loose, creamy maple-flavoured porridge laced with strawberries subjected to various indignities - poached, dehydrated, frozen, reduced to crunchy little nibs; with a scattering of goat's curd dust on the top, it has a just-right mix of creamy, fruity and savoury-tangy." - goodfood.com.au

Place: The Kettle Black

2 Reviews

  1. “This dish was so beautiful, visually, a pillow of polenta, dotted with a strawberry garden on top.” – imsohungree.blogspot.com.au

  2. “The polenta porridge with burnt maple and textures of strawberry and basil is gaining Insta-fame for its delicate beauty.” – timeout.com

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