Pork Trotter and Ham Hock Nuggets

"The nuggets arrived resting on puddles of burnt onion jam and topped with discs of apple. Their golden, crunchy exterior gave way to a tender, gelatinous medley of pork trotter and ham hock." - chasingaplate.com

Place: Nieuw Amsterdam

3 Reviews

  1. “Though simple, it was incredibly delicious, and every element jumped out, before blending harmoniously into each other.” – sweetandsourfork.com

  2. “Unexpected finesse with perfectly cooked pork hock braised and cured that easily pulled apart! So good and expertly presented.” – theworldlovesmelbourne.com

  3. “The sweet and sour flavours meld together harmoniously, beautifully offset by the salty chunks of braised ham hock in the nuggets. The crumb had a wonderful texture, crisp with a beautiful crunch.” – lisaeatsworld.com

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