Avocado Hummus Toast with poached eggs

"Avocado and hummus come together at last in one great dish — and on one piece of toast — at Journeyman. This dish is also topped with candied bacon, a poached egg, and a sprinkle of dukkah... this is one of the most popular cafes on Chapel Street." - buzzfeed.com

Place: Journeyman

2 Reviews

  1. “We can’t go past the Avocado Hummus Toast with poached eggs, honey candied bacon and dukkah…” – melbournebreakfastdiary.com.au

  2. “Bite into the creamy, savoury avo-hummus blend, enjoy the crunch of the dukkah sprinkling, slice that egg and set that oozy yolk free, then dip in those delicious chunky hunks of candied bacon. An ingenious combo of harmonious flavours and textures.” – theurbanlist.com

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