Pork Belly Sliders (X2)

"The pork was cooked to perfection – crackling and all – and sandwiched between a small bun. A great couple of mouthfuls." - sharkingforchipsanddrinks.com

Price: $ 9.50
Place: Hanoi Hannah

3 Reviews

  1. These yummy sliders… were nicely crisped up with a soy glaze, alongside a (forgive me for saying this) KFC-like coleslaw, and then packed into a petite brioche bun.” – fatboo.com

  2. “Slices of tender pork belly, lettuce, pickled carrots and cucumber rested between two brioche buns. A deliciously tangy sauce… brought everything together.” –theveryveryhungrycaterpillar.com

  3. “The pork belly sliders are a must if you visit Hanoi Hannah.” – fiveofthebest.com

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