Caramelised Sticky Pork

"I can’t decide what I loved more about the dish – the tenderness of the pork or the deliciously sweet, sticky and slightly smokey sauce that it was slowly-cooked in. A fresh salad on top kept things fresh while a malty chilli vinegar brought both the salad and pork together. Delicious." -

Place: Chin Chin

2 Reviews

  1. “The Caramelised sticky pork dish has been a sensation with diners at Chin Chin ever since it appeared on the menu when the restaurant opened.” –

  2. “Chin Chin is famous for their caramelised sticky pork, some saying it is the best in Melbourne. And it’s no surprise: The flavours are brilliant – melding hot and cold elements together to create a heavenly dish full of palate-popping flavour.” –

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