Cured Ocean Trout

"The light creamy garnish laid the foundation for the well-cured trout that matched well with the fennel and zucchini salad. The fennel has a pronounced flavour that was well matched with the dill, creating a freshness in this dish. Overall the plating was stunning" - Brunch Addict

Place: C.H. James

2 Reviews

  1. “For a traditional breakfast with a very fine twist, be sure to try the poached egg served on house-cured ocean trout with salted zucchini and fennel & dill salad…” –

  2. “The brunch option of House cured ocean trout, salted zucchini, and fennel and dill salad, with a poached egg, impressed on the eye, not to mention exhibited a delicious combination of flavours.” –

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