About Us

FoodHi is excited and proud to introduce you to our innovative and fresh Sydney and Melbourne food guide!

1. We re-imagined the hunt for food. It’s all about the dish.

Food used to be about the places or what was easy to get. It has and will always be about shared experiences but we believe good food needs to be firstly about the food. We have all experienced that indescribable feeling when we see the dish we have been dreaming about appear before our eyes. A dish that makes you linger and salivate as you yearn to take that first bite. The smell and textures that awaken your senses. An experience that leaves you craving “one more bite”. That’s what we believe amazing food is all about.

2. We are not just another food guide. Our focus is on the best dishes in Sydney and Melbourne costing up to $30 and helping you find them quickly.

FoodHi will take you on the journey of those amazing food experiences. We’ve done the hard work for you by tasting, researching, and speaking to respected foodies. All you need to do is simply choose what you want to eat. Is it Vietnamese? A gourmet burger? Or maybe you have a sweet tooth and crave the best new dessert?

3. Everything you need to know about Sydney and Melbourne’s best dishes are now at your fingertips.

From professional images, to price, to cuisine type, to Google Map integrated directions – everything you need to know about the best dishes from Sydney’s Cafes and Restaurants are now at your fingertips.

If you’ve found a dish we should know about please let us know. We’d love to share it with the rest of Sydney and Melbourne.

So cheers to great food experiences! Welcome to FoodHi (formerly Foodie Anthem).